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>> observes are freed in the eastern ukraine as kiev is continuing the offensive against russia offenses. you shall watching al jazeera live from the headquarters. more than 2,000 are feared dead after a landslide in african. >> no release for the al jazeera a journalists being held in e gyp. a former child soldier goes home.
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>> we begin in ukraine where a second day of military action is underway as a government in kiev is trying to take about the strong holds in the east. pro russian groups are asking to protect the civilians. they have freed 7 military observes taken hostage over a week ago. >> on a roadside they embraced freedom with a sense of relief, a handover bringing the end, 8 day captivity of the observers. >> you can't imagine, it is happiness. deep relief. the situation was really tough. the last two nights as we saw the situation developing, every minute gets longer and finally
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with the cooperation of all of the key players went perfectly. thank you very uch many -- much. >> the men looked tired and the nerves were obvious to see. they had been obtained. the released men said he kept the proms to keep them from harm and diplomats are saying that other outcomes were unthinkable. >> taking people working for international organizations as hostages is unacceptable so it was extremely important to get through this mission. >> the mission was made more intricate by the ukraine military. there has been fierce fighting. the ukrainian military personnel
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began attacking a pro russian check point. organizing a hostage handover in this environment is far from straightforward. it has taken days of delegate -- delicate negotiations to get to this point. >> you were there when the handover happened, tell us what happened there and the role of the self-proclaimed mayor of this incident. >> well, we were given information early this morning that this handover was about to happen and we raced up to the north from where we were now in donetsk to talk to them and we found a check point and a fleet
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of osce vehicles waiting for the handover to happen. and there has been military operations on going, even farther to the north from that point and that was causing a problem and the observes had to detour around to avoid the military operation and the fighting going on there and taking the back roads and delayed them for some what and the other thing causing the tensions that the oesc were targeted and there were concerns of those taking a pop shot at outstanding. there is on going military operation here, it is seeming quiet at the moment. but the military offensive against those militia is certainly not letting up. >> now you mentioned the operation there, is the
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government any closer, paul, to regaining control from the russian separatists? >> they have not announced they have swept through and rooted out of the almosts they were targeting and i assume that the answer is no. there are more building takeovers and one here in donetsk, a building of the cvu is taken over, not in a hugely violent way but occupied. but a number of police buildings are reported to have been taken over this amp. it is unclear in the military operations are concentrating on one particular town, there are other towns where trouble is on going. >> paul thank you for the
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update. reporting live from donetsk. >> now the afghan the searchers are abandoned the search. thousands are feared died after a vim lanl is burlied under mud and stone. this is bordering china and pakistan and the area is remote and making it difficult for the rescuers to reach the village. >> they spent the night in the open and during near freezing temperatures looking over what used to be their homes and praying for any sign of life. >> several members of my family were here and five were killed here. i'm half alive. what can i do? >> we have not received assistance. all the villages are digging
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with shovels. people who survived have left this area. as you can see no one is digging. we need more machines, working with the shovels is not enough. >> days of rain caused the mountain to collapse, a wall of mud and rocks swept into the village below and destroying everything in the way and hundreds of homes buried and many with people inside. >> until now we have only managed to find one woman's body and we took that away, with the aide operations we have received them and sent them on. >> they have come to remote area of northern afghanistan with the tools and shovels to help the rescuers but the focus is shifting from funding the survivors to keeping those that did alive. >> we have helping to facilitate the needs of around 700 families
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more than 4,000 people displaced directly or indirectly and the needs range from food and water, of course, to medical help as well as shelter needs. >> it is hard for the teams to reach the site, the roads are damaged by the rain and can't take the heavy machinery and the hillside remains unstable and it is fearing another part could cave in. >> a rally is held in belfast in support of the leader jerry adams and he's being questioned for a 4th day in the connection of a murder from 1972. she was a mother of ten. jerry adams denies any involvement in the killing. >> the trial of three al jazeera journalists is adjourned again
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until may 15. they are accused of falsifying news and conspiring with the muslim brotherhood and al jazeera is rejecting the charges and the court appearance is going along with the international freedom day for superior journalists. >> the bail is denied. he tried to explain that the journalists try to explore all sides of the story. >> for me the communication with the muz limb brotherhood or anyone else this is something completely routine for me. i work hard to reach the sources, that is what journalists do. >> this is world's press freedom day. they were led back to the jail cells. >> it is ironic we are here in
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court on this world press freedom day. it is another adjournment and getting difficult for us and the family and the guys inside to endure this process. >> a 4th journalist remains in detention for another 45 days and held without charge since last august and on a hundreder strike and he's not received medical attention. >> this is unprecedented case. we have not seen this globally. any government go after international news network for nothing more than to using terrorist related charges to keep them in custody without evidence. >> journalists finding it difficult to work an in egypt. >> as a reporter it is hard to cover a the street protests, to
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cover the acts, you are a greater risk of being swept up in the mass arrests and lost in the prison system. >> there are many being held without charge in egyptian jails. the prosecution rested their case on saturday and the defense has a chance to have a say on 15th of may. the network denies the charges and demandings the unconditional release. >> still ahead on al jazeera, trapped syrian rebels are agreeing to pull out after a two year siege. >> our current system has gone very far awry... >> there's huge pressure on the police to arrest and find somebody guilty >> i think the system is going
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to fail a lot of other people. >> you convicted the wrong person >> i find that extraordinarily disappointing... >> to keep me from going to jail, i needed to cooperate. >> the evidence was inaccurate >> they still refuse the dna >> somebody can push you in a death chamber >> it's not a joke >> award winning producer and director joe berlinger exposes the truth. from the inside... >> a justice system rum by human beings, can run off the rails. >> some say there's justice for all, but they're not in the system.. >> it shouldn't be easy to just lock somebody up and throw away the key >> ...nightmarish [ ] of reality, sometimes you can't win... >> an original investigative series. al jazeera america presents
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u>> welcome back.a presents you are watching al jazeera. seven military observes are freed in the ukraine after being held for over a week. a second day of military action is underway as the government is trying to take back the east. >> in afghanistan, there was a massive landslide and 2,000 people are feared to be killed after the village is buried under the mud and stone. >> the trial for the al jazeera journalists are been postponed again. >> the syrian government is
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regaining the control. a deal was reached on friday to let the rebels leave the strong holds in the city. they are asking for supervisor withdrawal and wanting the wounded to be assisted. we have a report. >> the old quarters and the surrounding neighborhoods are the last rebel strong holds in the city. some thousand fighters are inside, but for months they have been under siege and now given a safe passage out as part of a deal with the government. they'll retreat to northern country side of the city but those areas are also under siege. the deal allows the state to regain the control of the city, the capital of the rev nuolutio. >> it is hard to take back to the city.
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>> this 24-year-old arrived a few days ago and the government's siege on the rebel held areas made the neighborhoods surrender one after another. the regime started to retake in 2012. activists appealed for help when international observers visited the areas at the time. but the world didn't act. the bomber was a symbol of defiance and he left. >> at first i thought we would return and the situation got worse. we lost over a year ago. >> it is not nuch a symbolic city, it is strategically located.
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it is along the coast and passing through. >> both the regime and the opposition know they can't control the whole country. it is part of the plan to partition the country. >> once the rebels withdraw, the city will longer be divided. the rebels may lose what they call the heart of the revolution but the war is still not over. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is offering to help the nigerian government to get the school girls back that were captured. kerry made the announcement during the visit to ethiopia. >> the kidnapping of childrens is an uncon shl crime. we are going to support the government to return the women to their homes and hold the
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prerp tatars to justice. >> seven people were killed in the capital and a group claimed responsibility for the attack and targeting a former local government official that was killed in the explosion. >> final campaign rallies in south an africa ahead of the elections next week. they are facing to toughest challenge yet. tonya paige explains. >> the blue is filling the hall like a rising tide and it is more popular than ever but yet it is small but the biggest opposition party. >> if the government was doing the work properly south africa would be attracting more investments and the economy would be growing much faster to create the jobs we need to tackle the biggest problem,
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which is unemployment and poverty. >> all pop situation parties can saying they can create the jobs that the congress hasn't. the democratic alliance is perceived the protect the interests of whites, even though some of the leaders are black. they have given a picture of nelson mandela in the corner. supporters are not going to turn their backs on the movement easily. the anc is corrupt and eff is promising to nationally the mines and the banks. she was passing by the rally on the way to work. >> i see campaigning the way that she campaigns i see a lot
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of symbolic transformation, but i don't see her addressing the greater issues. >> inequality is ripe, especially in the poorest province, most of these men are out of work and hope. >> i will not vote because the government is not doing anything for us. >> unlikely to be any major changes with the selection. >> they were kidnapped in the thousands and forced to be child sew sewed -- soldiers and now one soldier is headed home. as reporting from uganda... >> when he was ten years old, he
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was abducted from the village by rebels from resistance army and forced to become a soldier. >> many children were beaten to death. you have to follow the orders or else they kill you. the children that tried to escape were killed so you have to follow the orders unless a chance comes to escape. >> this center has been his home. at the peak of the war hundreds of children soldier coming through here every month. estimated ten thousand are still missing most of them will never come home. but a trickle of former children soldiers still escape and returning home. >> such type of killing, [indiscernible] >> he completed the counselling
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and finally time to go home. he was a boy when last saw his family and neighbors and since then forced to march across four different countries and he escaped in the central african republic. he says he's seen and done many things he doesn't want to talk about. many child soldiers forced to kill their relatives or neighbors and they are scared to return home. they don't know how the people will react. people are come running. he's made the trek. there's no grudge here. he's safe. >> all of the people for the villages have come to join in on the celebration. people are singing and waving branches and they thought he died years ago and the parents
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carried out a funeral. now he's home and alive, after years in the bush, people here are delighted. >> and then rearrives. thousands of the children were killed. nobody ever thought he'd make it. >> a blaze in a factory killed thousands. the accident happened in the town and the injured workers are taken to hospitals there and burns covering 70 to 90 percent of their body. >> the leader of thailand is calling for elections in july to be delayed by six months. the delays are needed to allow important political reforms to take place. he's facing a court verdict next
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week. we have a report. >> for nearly six months thailand is stuck in a political deadlock with divisions between the government and the opponents reflected in social tensions and violence on the streets. now the main opposition leader has stepped in and offering a reform plan. >> i would like to ask which part of the proposal is going to damage the country? i would like to ask as a politician do you want the country to move forward? >> that is an are reference to the prime minister who rejected the plan as divisive. she's desolved the parliament in december. she's facing a series of legal actions that could force her to step down if found guilty. thailand is divided politically between the mid classes, and the poorer rural populations that
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largely support os the government. the prime minister's opponents is calling for demonstrations to be held on monday. last year the yellow shirt rallies attracted two hundred thousand people. but these have dwindled over time. the red shirt supporters are saying they are going to stage a mass rally next saturday and demonstrating how politics in thailand has become. >> authorities say they have gin up hope on finding 13 miners trapped in a collapsed gold mine in columbia. three bodies were pulled from the rubble on friday and rescuers are unable to make more progress. an explosion caused it to collapse. >> uruguay has new legal regimes
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to buy up to ten grams of marijuana per week and the price is less than a dollar per gram. the president is saying that the laws are working better than in the united states. >> what is clear what we have been doing in terms of combatting drugs doesn't work, you cannot try to change by doing the same thing over again. >> now more than 18,000 people risked their lives trying to reach australia last year. al jazeera spoke to three members of a family separated by thousands of kilometers, the story begins. >> visiting her brother's grave, he was killed in an attack last year. she's spent three of her five children to australia. >> i got separated from my
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children because of terrorism. the risks they took are dangerous, yes, they are far away but they are alive. >> she and her family are muslims and pakistan and leaders are saying a thousand people are killed in the recent years. >> these conditions separated us. we are scattered. her daughter is in western i indones indonesia. they tried to get to australia two years ago and never made it. she left afghanistan after her home was attacked. >> a bomb attack destroyed my
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home and killed a cousin and wounded another. >> she teaches english to others while waiting for australia to an accept her. >> i don't want to risk my life again. my life is connected to my family in pakistan. they need me for survive. >> she has to stay in indonesia for years before being accepted in australia. >> my brother is so young and experienced a lot of hardship. i hopefully one day we'll all be together again. >> travelling from pakistan to
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australia takes month. he arrived in 2012, a time when australia allowed the rev gees to stay. he rents a home. the risks getting here worth taking. >> he's on a protection visa and he can become a citizen. he can't afford to study and looking for work to send money to his mother in pakistan. >> i can tell you the way she talked on the phone, of course, [indiscernible] >> he risked his life to get to
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australia and for now he's safe. but the situation is not shared by his family scattered thousands of kilometer apart. >> and you can see more of the series on the website al >> i do get angry when i think of, you know, the unsustainable lifestyle of so many of the materialistic culture. >> jane goodall is famous for her trailblazing o with champ pan zees. the subject of her latest book isler love ofnator chimpanzees.

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